Harwood Heights Bankruptcy Attorney

Life is full of unexpected challenges and an unforeseen medical condition or loss of employment may lead you to file for  bankruptcy.  If you are in such a situation, then a smart decision would be to hire a Harwood Heights bankruptcy attorney.  A Harwood Heights bankruptcy lawyer can assess your situation and then provide advice as to which bankruptcy proceeding you should take.  For example, a Hardwood Heights Bankruptcy Chapter 7 can take care of most debts but there are some things they cannot cover such as student loans, etc.  A Harwood Heights Bankruptcy Attorney Chapter 13 can provide relief for debts that are not covered under Chapter 7.  Talking with a Harwood Heights bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the differences of the two bankruptcy filings so that you can make the right decision.  It is important that you ask any questions you have regarding a bankruptcy proceeding before making that decision.

A bankruptcy attorney can objectively examine your debt and then help you put together the necessary paperwork in order to receive bankruptcy protection.  When you meet with a Harwood Heights bankruptcy lawyer, you should be completely honest with them so that they can do the best job possible in helping you eliminate your debt.  As part of your  bankruptcy filings, you will need to provide documents that show the amount of your debt.  You also need to show the  court a complete list of all of your creditors.  This is so that the judge in charge of your case will be able to make decisions in how those creditors should be paid.

Christina Scelsa, a Harwood Heights bankruptcy attorney at chicagobankruptcylaw.org will take care of any forms that need to be filled out and make sure that they are filed with the court.  They will also keep you informed as the proceedings advance and let you know when you should appear in court before the judge.  While the court is responsible for notifying your creditors, your attorney can also send out notices.  Once the  bankruptcy is approved, then you will be able to focus on rebuilding and moving forward with a brand-new start.


Call Christina Scelsa at 773-286-1228 for a free consultation today. She is here to assist you through the entire bankruptcy process in Hardwood Heights.