Norridge Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney Christina Scelsa can work with clients in Norridge and other locations. Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision for someone to make and can be even more difficult if they don’t have an attorney.  A good attorney can simplify the process since they already know what needs to be done.  There is a lot to do in order to prepare for filing bankruptcy and it is important to know what your rights are and what your creditors’ rights are. The process should be explained to you by your attorney so that you have a thorough understanding.  Your attorney will prepare the paperwork with the information that you give them. This will ensure that the process is a smooth one.

For your protection, you need to provide a complete list of all of your creditors to make sure that your debts will be correctly evaluated by the trustee.  A court trustee handles your petition for filling bankruptcy and will make a judgment based on certain factors. Before filing paperwork, you should look it over with your attorney to make sure it is correct. Filing bankruptcy paperwork in Norridge and other locations can be a tedious process but your attorney will take on most of it.  All you have to do before is provide the information that your lawyer needs.  The process will be managed by your attorney and updates will be given to you.

Attorney Christina Scelsa at will assist you with the filling for bankruptcy paperwork and communicating with your creditors in Norridge and other areas. She will offer you the support you need throughout the process. Even if you’re not sure that the protection is the right one for you, you should still consult with an attorney.  Attorneys can be extremely helpful in helping you evaluate your situation and deciding that filing bankruptcy protection is the right choice.  While the decision of filling for bankruptcy protection can be a difficult and painful one to make, having an attorney is a great benefit.


If you’d like to consult Christina Scelsa regarding the complications of bankruptcy protection and more, call 773-286-1228 to set up an appointment.