Oak Park Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have found yourself buried in debt where filing for bankruptcy is the only way out, then one of your first acts should be to hire a attorney that will make sure your rights are represented and help you prepare for proceedings.  There are a few different ways you can go about to find an attorney in Oak Park.  One of these methods is to simply ask people you know which can provide you several referrals to a lawyer.  Doing this allows you to talk with people who have personal experience with that lawyer so you have an idea of what to expect.  Even if you do not know anyone who has had personal dealings with a lawyer, they probably know someone who has.

Another way to locate a bankruptcy lawyer is to go through the Internet and there are several sites that you can visit such as ChicagoBankruptcyLaw.org.  Many people are able to successfully find a lawyer in this way.  Visiting a website for a lawyer can provide you useful information about their experience and even their personality.  Just about every attorney has their own website which tells you about their services.  You may even be able to find helpful information from an attorney on their website to help you understand more about filing for bankruptcy.

There is a third way in which you can find a bankruptcy lawyer and this is to contact your local or state legal bar association.  Not very many people realize that this can be a valuable resource in locating a good lawyer in Oak Park.  A legal bar association can tell you if there are any complaints or legal proceedings involved with that lawyer before you even step through their door.  The association can also tell you the names of every attorney in Oak Park and provide you with their contact information.


For bankruptcy advice, referrals, and contacts in Oak Park, feel free to give Christina Scelsa a call at 773-286-1228.  She’s available to answer all of your questions.